PURE Filtration - Products, Service & Support Specializing in liquid-solid separation, Pure Filtration takes pride in being able to provide the highest quality products for a wide range of filtration applications and industries. Pure Filtration offers replacement parts, filter plates and filter cloth compatible with any brand of machine and our technicians work closely with clients in order to provide the necessary support and advice for all aspects of the filtration process. With our success measured by customer satisfaction, it is our goal to furnish the most appropriate solutions for all your filtration needs.

Filter cloth can be one of the most critical aspects of the filtration process and therefore at Pure Filtration careful consideration is not only given to your immediate requirements but also to offering continued improvements which will lead to cost benefits and a more efficient process. All of our filters are specifically designed for a tailor made fit and can be manufactured from a wide variety of woven and non woven synthetic filter media having an array of fiber types, weave patterns and permeabilities. You can rely upon our knowledge and expertise for assistance in the selection of a fabric that will have suitable characteristics for your process and aid in achieving your desired filtration results.
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